SmartWire Hard-Wired Nurse Call - System Overview


SmartWire Nurse Call System is a Bus-connected system, with 4 wires connecting most of the components. The bus communicates to the Smartlink Monitoring Software via a Master Controller Unit. Some items (e.g. overdoor lamps) can be directly wired to intelligent Call Points (Type A or Type C) serving for independent operation in the event of a bus failure.

A single bus with one Master Controller Unit can carry information relating to a maximum of 240 individually identifiable Call Point numbers. A maximum of 4 SmartWire Master Controller Units may be connected to SmartLink’s Monitoring Software enabling 960 individual call points to be monitored.

The SmartWire Nurse Call System complies with Australian Standard AS3811 – 1998 for Hard-Wired Patient Alarm Systems.

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  • Low cost bus wiring either in loop or star configuration
  • RS-232 data interface
  • 240 call points per master controller decoder
  • Five call types (Emergency, Staff Assist, Patient Call, Wet Area call, Nurse presence)
  • Complies with Australian Hard-Wired Nurse Call Standard AS3811
  • Continuous bus monitoring and diagnostics (watchdog)
  • Audio and visual indication
  • Standard 12VDC supply.
  • Digital LED Displays directly from the bus (coming soon)
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