Radio Nurse Call receiver

Smartlink is proud to launch its new wireless gateway receiver for interfacing wireless devices into its new and existing hardwired Nurse call systems (SmartWire).

This new receiver can now be directly connected across any type A call point which will in turn open up a wireless gateway across the bus to take any SmartLink wireless pendants and give a proximity of where the call has originated from. It can also cancel the call from the hardwire call point as well as from a wireless call point with a call/cancel facility if required.

A typical example is a retirement village with independent living units and a hardwired nurse call hostel or high care facility incorporated. Now by placing several receivers across this installation you will also be able to receive emergency calls from all the residents in the installation in all common areas as well as in their independent living units with Medical alarms installed.

Another use is when added to an existing or new hardwired Nurse call system (Hospitals, Nursing homes etc), it immediately incorporates a staff duress wireless system overlay with proximity origination identification as well as wireless duress.

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