SmartWatch XP - Specifications

Specifications & Features

Recipient capacity 1,000,000 Pagers, mobile phones, DECT handsets or email addresses
Group capacity 10,000 Groups (with any combination of recipients)
Department capacity 10,000 Departments
Client Computer Connections 10,000 Client Computers (per server)
Serial Port capacity 64 x RS232C Serial Ports (per server)
System Architecture Client/Server, TCP/IP Communications. Server runs as a service
Internal Communications Encrypted Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
PBX Port capacity 64 Ports
PBX Interface Two Wire Analogue Extension (FCC, Austel & PTT Approved)
PBX Messages 100 User defined messages
SmartLink Interfaces Medi-Call Units (via SCU or modem), SmartLine Wireless Nurse Call System, SmartWire Hard-Wired Nurse Call System (Ademco High Speed & Contact ID)
Hard-Wired Alarm capacity 64,000 Alarm inputs (Either opto-coupled or dry contact closures)
Escalation capacity 10,000 Call escalations, unlimited escalation steps
Roster capacity 10,000 Individual Roster Schedules, unlimited number of shifts
Reminder Messages 100,000 reminder messages, unlimited forward scheduling
Terminal capacity 64 Operator Terminals (VT100, WYSE or ANSI Compliant Terminals)
High Level Interfaces 64 High Level Interfaces via TCP/IP or RS232
Carrier capacity 10,000 Paging/SMS Carriers with modem pooling
Outbound email Sent via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Client
Inbound email Received via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server
Security Configuration User Configurable, each menu item individually selectable per user
Paging Protocols POCSAG CCIR #584 at 512/1200bps
Telelocator Network Paging Protocol (TNPP)
Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP, IXO, PET)
DECT Protocols Kirk DECT SMS (Short and Long Message Formats)
Alcatel A4400 DECT Interface
Nursecall Protocols Austco, CallGuard, DigiAlert, Dukane, Gladstone, Jeron, Medicom, Sedco, SpiderAlert, Responder IV, Tek-Tone, Vitalcall, Wescom, Zettler
Slot Machines Protocols Aristocrat, Bally, IGT, Tattersalls, Turbo Bonus
Fire Alarm Protocols Ampac, FFE, Simplex, Wormald
Additional Protocols Citect, Honeywell BMS, Macroview, Modbus
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