SmartWalk (Wandering Dementia Monitoring System)


SmartWalk is a unique method of supervising and detecting wandering dementia patients. When a dementia patient has wandered from a designated area SmartWalk instantly notifies a carer or nurse, either local or remote of the event, for the protection and safety of loved ones.

'If the patient wearing a wrist transmitter opens a monitored door, an alarm is generated, warning staff of the breach'

Installation Manual




A small radio transmitter is attached and locked on to the wrist of the patient. Door stations (resonators) are mounted near each door leading to any unsafe areas. This allows normal traffic through, but alerts and or restricts access to special patients, by either instantly locking access doors and or notifying personnel of the event.

If the patient wearing a wrist transmitter opens a monitored door, an alarm is generated, warning staff of the breach. For security at night, the system can be switched to NIGHT MODE in which any opening of a monitored door will alert staff for their own protection.

If a monitored patient opens a monitored door, the door station beeps and flashes the ALARM light, then immediately contacts the nurse's station or carer and pages the relevant staff, either locally on-site, wide area or a remote control centre.

The system can be configured in several different applications. One is to instantly notify relevant personnel, both local or remote, of the event and can even lock the relevant door when the restricted patient approaches, still allowing normal traffic access.

SmartWalk can be integrated with other SmartLink products or can operate as a stand alone unit.


  • Efficient way of keeping track of wandering patients (dementia)
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited supervision: one door station can monitor an unlimited number of wrist transmitters
  • 16VAC, 12VDC operation
  • Generates 200kHz magnetic field 1-10ft adjustable
  • Interfaces to a variety of SmartLink products
  • Automatically locks doors if required
  • Automatically pages events using SmartLink interfaces
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