Nurse Call Systems

Hard-Wired Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call

SmartWire is SmartLink's hard-wired nurse call system and complies with Australian Standard AS3811.

SmartWire is fully compatible with SmartLink's monitoring software package, SmartWatch XP making it perfect for a fully integrated nurse call and messaging service.

SmartLine is the most versitial and simple to use system within SmartLink product range.

SmartLine is simple to install and provides flexibility making it perfect for sites where the wireless option is the optimum solution.

Paging is the primary method for visually indicating call status to nursing staff and are fully compatible with SmartWire along with a range of other messaging solutions.

A wide range of Wireless Devices are compatible with SmartLine including security and fire monitoring devices as well as standard Emergency and Nurse Call points.

Dementia Wandering SmartPage Messaging System

SmartWalk is SmartLink's solution for dementia patient wandering systems.

When it comes to safety and protection SmartWalk provides a simple solution for monitoring doors and other access points.

SmartPage is a compact, stand alone, direct paging and messaging system capable of supporting small to medium sized installations.

SmartPage can process and page alarms from any two of SmartLink's Telephone based, Wireless, or Hard Wired systems.

SmartWalk provides supervision and detection for wandering dementia patients by automatically locking doors when patients approach them and if necessary notifying carers or nursing staff.

SmartPage provides the option to Group Pagers, set up Escalations, and Repeat Paging for Emergency, Patient Call, Nurse Present and Maintenance type calls.

Dementia and Patient Profiler  

Dementia & Patient Profiler is an essential and powerful tool when dealing with Dementia Patients.

Monitoring Dementia patients is now easier and more reliable with the Dementia & Patient profiler.



The Dementia & Patient Profiler is a compact, easy to use system capable of performing some of the more demanding tasks required when caring for Dementia patients.


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