Medi-Link Dialler Unit - Features

Easy to understand and operate

SmartLink is activated by simply pressing a radio key.These can be worn on a key ring, around the neck or on the wrist using a wristwatch strap. This flexibility allows the user to be comfortable and confident in their ability to control any situation and instantly summon assistance 24 hours a day.

Simple to install

SmartLink could not be simpler to install. The unit is fully self- contained and can be installed in minutes. Simply plug in the AC adapter, unplug the telephone line from the telephone and plug it into the "Line In" socket of the SmartLink. Most installations are really that simple!


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NEW Features & Benefits

  • Inbuilt real time clock
  • Inbuilt full calendar
  • Automatic leap year adjustment
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Visual time and day clock for client convenience
  • Totally designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Inbuilt special line filters to combat ADSL interference
  • Automatic line balancing circuitry (reduces distortion)
  • Programmable dB line sensitivity adjustment to combat noisy and problem telecom lines
  • World first technology allowing software upgrades/revisions remotely over telephone
  • Local & remote programming/control from any computer worldwide over telephone
  • Large backlit, high intensity LCD Display for full visual description of events
  • Programmable loud sounding ringer on incoming phone calls (For hearing impaired)
  • Extra large speaker for increased sound clarity and volume
  • Bluutooth interface capabilities (Tele medical - Blood pressure, Weight etc.)& two way voice badge
  • Six phone numbers with ability to send different alarms to alternate phone paths
  • Programmable voice annunciation (events, reminders etc.) (OEM versions available)
  • GSM versions available (Over mobile phone network with both voice and data) Click Here
  • Fully programmable medication and test reminders with voice annunciation
  • Heavy duty rechargeable lead acid battery with inbuilt dynamic battery testing software
  • Programmable ring tunes for door/call bell options (Allows door bells to be connected)
  • In-built data ports for interfacing telemedical health monitoring devices over phone
  • Dementia monitoring capabilities as well as inactivity monitoring
  • Special OEM customised software available upon request for specific criteria
  • 16 wireless Radio Devices (Blow switches, PIRs, Reeds, Smoke, Inactivity, Dementia, Fall & Man-down, wireless lights, sounders etc. (OEM expandable to 64 upon request)
  • Four additional hardwired inputs and 3 hard wired control outputs for remote SmartHouse control features (eg. Remote/local control of lights, doors, appliances)
  • Automatic two-way voice contact in emergencies
  • Programmable Contact ID, Ademco or British standard communication formats
  • Answers incoming telephone calls remotely via pendant “Hands Free”
  • Automatic system tests, power fail and low battery reporting
  • Ability to remotely control auto answer from control centre
  • Automatic telephone line failure alarm
  • Programmable cancel button with ability to send manual daily test calls if required
  • In-built range test function with full audio and visual verification
  • Automatic busy ring detect
  • Backlit Help & Cancel button with programmable brightness levels
  • Remote speaker attachment functions
  • Programmable volume control on annunciator (e.g. pre alarm, line fail etc.)
  • Supervised and low battery device reporting
  • Waterproof pendants (Interchangeable for around the neck, wrist or wall mounted)
  • C-Bus interface modules available
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