Medi-Call Dialler Unit - Features

Easy to understand and operate

SmartLink is activated by simply pressing a radio key.These can be worn on a key ring, around the neck or on the wrist using a wristwatch strap. This flexibility allows the user to be comfortable and confident in their ability to control any situation and instantly summon assistance 24 hours a day.

Simple to install

SmartLink could not be simpler to install. The unit is fully self- contained and can be installed in minutes. Simply plug in the AC adapter, unplug the telephone line from the telephone and plug it into the "Line In" socket of the SmartLink. Most installations are really that simple!

Community Feature

SmartLink also caters for multiple users as each Radio Key has its own unique identification code. This design flexibility also allows for many additional specialised applications.



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Powerful Programming Options

SmartLink's uncomplicated exterior cloaks its powerful microprocessor that allows full programmability of all functions via the two buttons on the main unit, Radio Key or a Remote Computer. All of SmartLink's features are easily accessible for customising to suit individual requirements.

Remote Monitoring

SmartLink is designed to provide the user with the ultimate in wireless protection and reliability and therefore peace of mind. SmartLink summons assistance by transmitting messages via the telephone line to a central monitoring station. Notification of the need of assistance is only seconds away.

Voice Back Feature

SmartLink will automatically answer an incoming call Hands Free after an alarm has been sent. This special feature is designed to provide immediate voice communication to a remote operator, automatically providing the user with confidence that help is near. This unique feature also allows the carer or operator to immediately gain valuable information that will assist in making fast, correct decisions that may make all the difference! There is also a facility allowing you to answer the telephone without physically lifting the handset in Hands Free mode from your wristwatch radio key

Features & Benefits

  • Totally designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Automatic two-way voice contact in emergencies
  • Answers incoming calls remotely via Radio Key "Hands Free"
  • Latest surface mount technology manufacturing
  • 4 Programmable phone numbers
  • Automatic system test and Pill ReminderTimer
  • Inactivity Timer and Telephone Line failure alarms
  • Sits neatly under an existing telephone
  • Dementia monitoring capabilities
  • Contacts - monitoring centre, paging or telephones on or off-site.
  • Local and remote programming/control with full up/download capabilities.
  • Up to 250 hr (10-day) rechargeable NI-MH battery back up.
  • Automatic power fail and low battery reporting.
  • Wireless radio inputs plus hardwired inputs/outputs.
  • Supports separate codes for group (multi-client) identification.
  • UHF high security wireless devices.
  • Remote control features (eg. switch lights, doors, appliances, etc.)
  • Programmable Radio Devices (PIRs, Reeds, Smoke, Inactivity, Dementia, Man-down, etc.)
  • Programmable Contact ID, Ademco high speed or British standard DTMF
  • Complies with Australian Standards and manufactured to International IS09001 World Quality Standard
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