Medi-Call Dialler Unit - Frequently Asked Questions

What standards do SmartLink Medi-Call units comply with?

Unlike several other systems, SmartLink Medi-Call units comply fully with Australian standards AS4607/AS2999 (Personal Response Systems) and are manufactured to the Internationally recognised world quality standard ISO 9001, ensuring a high level of excellence in design and manufacture.

Are the pendants water-resistant and can I still shower or bathe with them on?

Yes - SmartLink pendants are not only water-resistant but are also completely waterproof to IP67 Ratings, far exceeding the required specifications

If mains power is disconnected, will my unit and normal telephone still operate?

Yes - All telephones will still operate normally with a SmartLink Medi-Call unit and more importantly, unlike some other products; the emergency open voice will still be fully operational.



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How long does the unit’s backup battery last if power is disconnected?

The SmartLink Medi-Call backup battery, under normal operating conditions, can last up to 1000 hours (Non rechargeable models) and 250 hours (rechargeable models) far exceeding the capacity provided by the majority of other products on the market (which tend to last as little as 30 hours).

How do I determine the operational integrity and range of my wireless transmitters and pendants?

The Smartlink unit, like no other Medical unit, has an in-built numeric and sonic signal strength range test meter, ensuring the integrity of wireless signals and pendant ranges upon installation.

What power surge and lightening protection does the unit have for reliability?

Smartlink MediCall units, apart from already having special internal power surge protection circuitry, are the only Medical units on the market today with an integral earthed plug pack and in-built earth shunt facilities incorporated into the unit. This reduces and almost eliminates failures and damage from moderate power and lightening surges, unlike other similar available units.

How long does a pendant’s battery last?

SmartLink pendants use a lithium battery, which lasts between 5 to 7 years under normal conditions with a 10-year shelf life and also incorporates pendant watchdog circuitry for low battery signals.

Can I change the types of pendants I have installed?

Yes - SmartLink pendants can be easily changed to be a wristwatch, neck chain or key ring anytime where as other systems are fixed to what is first supplied.

Is there a secure way to remotely service, modify and update a Medi-Call unit off-site?

Yes - By using SmartLink’s unique windows based Up/Download software package. This unique software, with it’s high level security screening access, is specially designed for remotely diagnosing, programming and/or servicing Medi-Call units from anywhere in Australia or even worldwide, leaving competitors far behind in this form of technological advancement.

Can a new or previously installed unit be extended at a later date?

Yes - The SmartLink Medi-Call unit accepts a multitude of peripheral devices and future add-ons such as Smoke Detectors, Dementia Keys, Inactivity Sensors, Reed Switches, Infra-red Detectors, Man Down and wheelchair pendants plus a range of universal transmitters. Also, there are endless possibilities for extending the system’s capacity using third party devices interfaced to the unit’s hardwired inputs, outputs and RS232 connections.

Can the unit be used to remind people to take medications etc?

Yes - Unlike other units, SmartLink has an in-built automatic pill timer incorporated into every Medi-Call unit, which can be enabled anytime as a reminder to take your medication.

What happens if I am prone to falls or prolonged blackouts and cannot move to action a call for help?

Not available in several other systems, SmartLink Medi-Call incorporates a unique inactivity monitoring software program, which can be enabled to continually look for movement over a set period of time. If this time is exceeded with no movement then the unit will automatically call for help giving the user peace of mind that help is near under abnormal circumstances.

Can the SmartLink Unit be used for monitoring dementia patients?

Yes - SmartLink Medi-Call has a special Dementia monitoring circuit, which can be enabled and programmed to automatically call for help if a person wanders too far from their normal residing area. Up to eight (8) persons can be accommodated in this manner for a higher level of care, not matched by other competitor specifications.

How can I tell if the telephone line is still functional and ready to transmit a call for help at all times?

SmartLink Medi-Call units surpass others in their ability to automatically inform the user, both audibly and visually, of any problem with the telephone line and advise them of a pending line and communications failure.

How can I answer a normal telephone call if I am incapacitated or cannot reach the phone in time?

The SmartLink unit has the unique ability to be programmed so that the user can answer and hang up normal telephone calls remotely from their pendant. This is especially advantageous when a user is recovering from a medical condition, which limits mobility.

During an emergency what if someone other than the control room rings in?

Distinctive to SmartLink Medi-Call is a fail-safe auto disconnect feature that ensures a non-control room call will be automatically disconnected until the control room has completed its auto-voice contact and action to the user of the emergency call.

What if I am hard of hearing or have a hearing disability for hands free speech?

Whilst other units do not cater for this problem, the SmartLink Medi-Call (although already incorporating a large in-built internal speaker) has the unique ability to plug in an extra remote amplified speaker unit whilst still utilising its own internal speaker, providing extremely enhanced volume control for the hearing impaired.

What other backup features does the unit provide after the control room has actioned my call for help?

This is where the SmartLink unit surpasses other units on the market - SmartLink Medi-Call incorporates a special ground breaking ability to “automatically” call and connect direct voice to a further two phone numbers (mobile or normal), straight to any third party independent carers, relatives or neighbours, even after the control room has actioned and cleared down the alarm call, without lifting a finger!

What happens if the auto voice help call is accidentally terminated during an emergency?

Unlike most call units, SmartLink Medi-Call incorporates a special busy detect circuit which automatically hangs up the phone on termination of the call and leaves the auto answer function intact, thus allowing the control room to reconnect and continue automatic two-way voice in an emergency.

Is the automatic hands free voice feature clear in an emergency?

Yes - SmartLink has incorporated the latest line balancing software techniques to reduce sound distortion across the telephone ensuring audible clarity not matched by several other systems.

Do I have the option to connect hard-wired devices to the unit as well as host of wireless devices?

In addition to the wide array of wireless devices that can be easily programmed into the unit, the Medi-Call unit is equipped with 4 external hard-wired input connections for further hard wired call points or alarm connections, extending capability far beyond any required performance criteria.

How many phone numbers can I program into a single unit?

Other unit shortcomings have prompted SmartLink, to include a total of four (4) programmable phone numbers in the Medi-Call unit that can be used to send messages to the control-room monitoring centre and/or directly call two (2) mobile phones. This gives a further extra capability of automatically establishing a ‘hands free’ voice connection to an independent nurse, carer or friend in the event of an emergency.

Can the unit be used to remotely switch on and off lights and household appliances?

Unlike other systems the SmartLink Medi-Call unit is compatible with the universal X10 home automation (Smart house) activation system, which can be used to remotely switch on lights, heating, air-conditioning or even open the front door in case of an emergency. Activation can be executed remotely from the control room, mobile phone and or directly from the unit when an alarm occurs.

Can alarms be remotely switched on and off?

Yes - SmartLink units can be remotely controlled to switch on or off alarms using a standard telephone, mobile phone or a computer anywhere throughout the world.

Can I adjust the units display brightness?

Yes - Display brightness can be increased, decreased or switched off to improve visual clarity depending on the environment.

Are the unit’s buttons visible at night or in the dark?

Yes - Even the Medi-Call red Help button is softly backlit to ensure it can be easily identified and accessed in the event of an emergency in low light or at night time.

What message and alarm formats are compatible with the Medi-Call unit?>

Where other units fail in their versatility, the SmartLink Medi-Call unit far outstrips the competitor’s product in its compatibility with almost every monitoring software package worldwide; automatically including industry communication standards such as ADEMCO expanded high speed, CONTACT ID and BRITISH D.T.M.F (Tunstall format).

What are the benefits of choosing an emergency call product, which ensures complete separation between the telephone handset and the emergency call device?

The phone should not form part of the unit for the following reasons:

(a) If the telephone is damaged or not functioning properly (e.g. if there is a problem with the phone’s hand set) it should not form part of the emergency call system if being repaired involves the disconnection and or replacement of the whole emergency call device. This is normally due to a simple, unrelated, telephone handset problem.

(b) Liquid spills are prone to disabling phone keys rendering needless disconnection of the emergency call system, again for a simple, unrelated telephone handset service.

(c) A telephone requires periodic programming and maintenance and statistics clearly indicate that when a telephone handset is incorporated and built in to the emergency call device, it can increase false service call enquires and rates by up to 80%. These unnecessary service calls are directly related to simple telephone handset functions (e.g. programming numbers into memory etc.), which has nothing to do with the emergency call system. Statistics also indicate that these false service calls become a real distraction at the monitoring or control centre or local actioning centre, which have to concentrate on real emergency call responses.

(d) The user (Particularly the elderly) should not be needlessly stressed and forced to change their current phone, which they are comfortable and familiar with when an emergency call system is installed. This needless extra confusion associated with learning a new telephones operation and features places an extra and unnecessary burden on the user.

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