Basic Telephone Based System

The basic local SmartLink telephone based system consists of the following components:

  • Medi-Call Dialler Units
  • PSTN/PABX Analogue Lines
  • Linecard Receiver (SCU)
  • Moniting Software
  • Transmitter
  • Pagers

If a resident generates an emergency call it is immediately sent by the Medi-Call unit over the PSTN/PABX Analogue Phone Line and is received by the Linecard Receiver (SCU). This is then transferred to SmartLink's monitoring software (or another third party monitoring software provider).

From there the options are endless. In the example provided to the right a Paging Transmitter is used. This could easily be substituted for wide are paging or SMS, DECT or even e-mail. Fur further information cunsult the Monitoring Software section or contact a SmartLink sales representive.

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