Wireless Accessories

Radio Key Pendants

Man Down & Dementia Pendants
Simple and Effective
The real power of SmartLink's Medi-Call Dialler Unit is unlocked by these simple devices. Operation could not be easier. Simply by pressing the buttons on the Radio Key will control the main unit for total care and protection.
Easy to Use
SmartLink has also developed a variety of easy to install, wireless Man-Down pendants and Dementia Radio Keys to compliment the extensive SmartLink range.

Individually Identifiable
The Medi-Call Dialler Unit is also capable of identifying individual Radio Keys.

Low Battery Signal
Radio Key low battery signals are also transmitted when the battery requires replacement.

Convenient Living
Having a fall or wandering away from home need not be stressful with the knowledge that these devices will summon the appropriate assistance, for complete peace of mind.

Radio Detectors Wireless Call Points

Wide Range of Detectors
Wireless PIRs, Reeds, Smoke and Inactivity Detectors are all optionally programmable devices for SmartLink Medi-Call Dialler Units & SmartLine (Wireless) systems.


Home Duress
Wireless call points can be mounted in commonly used locations around the home for use in the event of an emergency and are fully compatible with SmartLink Medi-Call Dialler Unit.

Economical & Portable
One of the important features of SmartLink wireless compatible products are their ability to add or remove radio detection devices easily, as required, eliminating costly installations. They also allow for easy portability when relocating devices.

Flexible Operation
All devices are programmable for either medical, silent, home, away or fire and can even tell you if you've left a door or window open when leaving.

Nurse Call Applications
When used with the SmartLine (Wireless) system, these wireless call points are an effective alternative to hard-wired, especially where cabling is difficult or expensive. Emergency, Patient/Wet Area Call, Staff Assist and Nurse Present Labels are also available* to match the Australian standard for hard-wired nurse call.
* Large quantity orders only

Fast Relocation
In the likely event of future site development where temporary reconstruction or maintenance of a system is required, wireless call points can be easily relocated shortening system down-time and saving money.

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