New Wireless Call Points

Introducing the all new Wireless Call point from SmartLink. The all new ergonomic design and improved features now incorporate the ability to add a Patient push set socket as well as the added benefit of our new optional Autotex Antibacterial coated labels.

Designed from the ground up, this call point now features a new microprocessor that utilises an innovative SmartLink wide pulse format with low standby and operating current consumption, wide operating voltage levels and low Battery detection and reporting.

The feature that stands out from all previous designs is the optional monitored socket that will accept standard patient push sets.

Another added feature (Depending on wiring configuration used) is that if a plug is pulled out of the socket an alarm can now also be raised to let staff know. The alarm can only be cancelled by reconnecting the patient push set and resetting the call point.

There are also provisional connections on the back of the call point that allow any other types of switches to activate and cancel a Call and or Emergency type of alarm.

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