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Answering your NBN questions

As the NBN rollout gathers pace, more alarm installers are asking the question, "Will my Smartlink systems work with the NBN?"

The answer is YES!

All Smartlink diallers will work as designed on the NBN and are already successfully connected back-to-base at sites around the country.

Smartlink dialler products are built to comply with Australian telecommunication regulations which means they are compatible with the analogue port on the NBN Network Termination Device (NTD). Just check that the Retail Service Provider (RSP) for the premises will provide service on the UNI-V voice port and that the port has battery backup. Also, you should discuss battery backup with your client to ensure they're aware of which services will be available, and for how long, during a power failure.

Smartlink R&D department is liaising with NBN Co and constantly monitoring developments to allow us to provide new information as it comes to hand.

Click here to download the results of our bench tests with various Retail Service Providers (RSP).

If you have any questions about specific Smartlink products please contact us.


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